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I’m convinced that most people have pain simply because they do not move enough. 

I’ve adjusted a dozen people already this morning who have pain from either sitting in beach chairs, cars, or couches. 

Of course, the number one cause of a lack of movement in stuck joints from trauma, toxins or stress; but I’m assuming you’ve had your joints checked by a Chiropractor and they are CAPABLE of moving.  If you haven’t, my advise is to do so.  It will change your life and you’ll be better for it… and happier.

If you’re getting adjusted but still suffering from aches and pains, I believe that you probably think my next suggestion would aggravate your pain.  You would be wrong. 

If you’re a sitter and you want to prevent back pain or recover from a bout, try this out:  stand up and do 10 lunges.  follow it up with 10 squats (the really deep and low kind in which you’re trying to touch your butt to the floor.  The key with both is keep your back straight and protect your knees by moving your weight DOWN, not out over your knees. 

Still sore?  Do that every day.  Still sore?  Start walking every day.  Still sore?  ask your Chiropractor what exercises to do next. 

The point?  My new answer for all pain questions is MOVE IT. 

Neck pain and discomfort? engage your arms when you’re out walking.  start doing push-ups every day. 

This stuff is easy and actually a lot of fun. 

You CAN do this, and besides,

It’s your life, LOVE it,



I love the new trend that ‘STRONG is the new SEXY’.  I’ve always felt that way; in high school, the boys who always caught my eye had huge shoulders, bright eyes, great skin and loved endurance sports.  Being Canadian, I was probably unconsciously looking for someone who could kill a bear and drag it home for me to cook for him 🙂  Regardless of the reason, my point is, you can talk about butts all day but I won’t even bother to look unless your shoulders say “yup, I’m strong”… “I can handle the bear”. 

This is becoming an expectation for men looking at women too and I LOVE it!  It’s a big reason why lululemon has exploded onto the scene.  Women not only want to be thinner, they want to be strong now too.  They are quickly realizing that you CAN’T get stronger without getting healthier too.  You can’t grow muscle while living on processed foods.

Let me define healthy in case you think THIN means healthy.  Healthy means you can run a mile in less than 10 minutes (probably much less).  Healthy means you can eat fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds, and PLENTY of water for weeks on end and not feel like you’re sacrificing anything because you don’t have a bag of Oreos in your cupboard.  Healthy means you are mindful of what you put in your mouth because you know that the quality of what you put in will determine the quality of what you have to put out into your thoughts, actions and words that day.  Healthy means you can speak positively about yourself, your loved ones, your life experiences and the world.  It also means you love to move.  Healthy means, well, healthy; Optimal physical, mental, and social well being.

Back to SKINNY FAT.  You can fit into a size zero and still be fat.  Yes, I said it.  Skinny Fat means your body composition is made more of fat than lean muscle.  Want to see a Skinny Fat person, go to Starbucks.  You can find plenty of them in fast food chains too but I wouldn’t recommend you walk into those, so head to Starbucks for a cup of tea and people watch for a few minutes. 

Here’s why: Skinny Fat people LOVE SUGAR!  They live for it.  I call their drink of choice ‘the sugar covered caffeine snack’ and they drink them by the Venti load.

The trend of Strong being the new Sexy is putting our focus back on what makes us attracted to another person.  Genetically speaking, we’re attracted to the person we can best pass our genes on with, and therefore help our children survive our environment (hence my strong man who can kill bear equals sexy definition). 

BUT (somehow) the media was able to convince us that skinny was sexy and then (somehow) we lost our minds and started eating foods that were made in factories rather than grown AND while at the same time we (somehow) decided to park ourselves in front of computers and televisions for the majority of our day and (not so surprisingly) our bodies started to morph into this weak, unhealthy version of ourselves.  Skinny Fat.

The solution? Ditch the sugar covered caffeine snacks, pick up a pair of running shoes, have a glass of water, crank out a few push-ups, re-fuel with some great food, and pair up with someone else who can keep you on track and maybe even help you to pass on your now healthier genes. 

It’s your life,

Love it!


Did you know that it takes only 21 days to make a new habit? 

Most people who have quit smoking know that those first 21 days are possibly the hardest, BUT if they can just keep focused on their goal of better health and living a smoke-free life, they’ll have broken one of the most difficult additions we know of.

It’s how your brain works and, yes, it’s a rule.  In fact it’s such a powerful rule, that I recommend you start using it today.  The patterns we repeat consistently (over a 21 day period) become neurological programs that we then run on a daily basis.  You are writing programs all the time, you just may be unconscious of this process.  Today, I’m giving you the instruction manual to start writing better programs.

Following the rule of 21, Andrew and I have built some incredible and healthy habits that have turned into the healthy lifestyle we now enjoy every day.  One of our “21 day rules” even kept our marriage strong when we needed to live apart for nearly 2 years.  The rule was that we never went more than 21 days without seeing each other.  We made the rule because we didn’t want to ‘program in’ a life without each other present.  And, because it was a rule, we made it happen and we both know that it was a huge factor in creating the strong marriage we have today.

Making rules often seems like it will create limitations but you’ll find the opposite is true.  What are your rules?  We just passed the first 21 day mark of 2011.  Are you still focused on your New Year’s Resolutions?  If not, revisit them.  Do you still value them or do they require some editing or deleting? 

Great rewards sometimes require great sacrifice.  Here’s a list of some habits to do for 21 days that offer some surprisingly HUGE benefits.  Whatever you decide to do for the next 21 days, make sure it feels right for you and if you miss a day, you need to start back at day 1; it’s called the 21 Day RULE for a reason.  When you get to day 21, congratulate yourself and move on to the next one

    Drink 8 ounces of water every day for 21 days

    Eat breakfast every day for 21 days

    Stop snacking within 2 hours of bedtime every day for 21 days

    Do spinal warm-up exercises every day for 21 days

    Go for a walk, do push-ups, or any exercise you chose every day for 21 days

    Eat a salad with dinner every day for 21 days

    Repeat a positive statement about yourself every day for 21 days

    Do 5-10 minutes of deep breathing exercises every day for 21 days

    Visualize your DREAM life for a few minutes every day for 21 days

    Meditate for ANY amount of time every day for 21 days

    Anything you choose….. every day for 21 days

The funny thing is, 21 days starts to fly past you and you’ll realize that this is easy.  Just focus on choosing habits that you really want to commit to.

After all, it’s your life, LOVE it!

Dr. Liisa Hall 🙂

Did you know that your health can be largely determined by looking at the average health of the people you spend the most time with?

Think about the people you spend the most time with.  What do they eat?  When do they eat?  How often do they sweat?  Do they drink enough water? Do they go to church or have a supportive social group? What does their skin look like?  How is their eye contact?  What about their handshake?  It makes sense doesn’t it?  I’m willing to bet that you’re a lot like them.  Is that a good thing?  That’s up to you.

No, you can’t tell everything about someone based on one or two of these factors but believe it or not, they are all indicators of health. 

My husband’s and my Chiropractic practice has become known for being a place for new friends to meet and old friends to meet up.  I LOVE THAT!  It means that there is a movement toward living better quality (and quantity) lives and we get to participate in it every day.  This is because Chiropractic is the world’s largest natural health and healing profession.  Our practice is not really about low back pain at all.  But that’s another blog…

For now, look at the health standard you are living at today.  How would you grade yourself physically, socially, mentally, financially, emotionally, and vocationally?  If you are happy, be proud of yourself and invite someone new to your social group to help them out too  If you’re needing to stretch, consider trying Chiropractic and join a healthy group like ours, or add a new healthy habit that suits you.

We live in a time and society in which we can spend an entire day sitting in front of our computers and think we’ve been active and socializing all day.  The truth is, we bond and grow and learn best by actually being in the company of others and participating in some form of activity. 

Am I really about to suggest that you join a bowling league?  After all those years I laughed at my mom’s love of her bowling team, I finally think I’ve realized what she knew all along; we need to play, laugh, and move together.  So if it’s bowling for you, great!  If it’s joining a CrossFit club, great!  Maybe it’s walking with a few friends, running an organized 5K, joining a pick-up game of basketball at a local club, or even a Zumba or Yoga class, no worries, BUT my only warning is… MAKE SURE IT’S SOMETHING YOU ENJOY. 

After all, it’s your life, LOVE it 🙂

Dr. Liisa Hall

Many of us in Chiropractic refer to ourselves as “lifers”.  What we mean by this is that we will be under regular Chiropractic care for life.  To us, a life without Chiropractic care simply Is Not an Option. 

The day I fully realized that was the day I realized that I absolutely Had to be a Chiropractor.

That was probably 8-10 years into my Chiropractic care.  Saying that reminds me that for some of you, you aren’t sure yet if you are a lifer and I can understand that.

Actually, you probably are a “lifer” at many other things.  For example, for the rest of your life, I bet you’ll be brushing your teeth, eating vegetables, exercising regularly, drinking water, getting haircuts (or shaving your head like Dr. Andrew), etc. 

Why are you a “Lifer” at those?  Because you see the obvious value in them.  I want you to give me or any other Chiropractor the chance to help you see the value in regular Chiropractic adjustments.

Why?  Because your health and well-being influences everyone around you.

Here’s what Chiropractic can do for you: 

1.        Having a healthy spine and nerve system means being able to enjoy your life more fully.

2.      Your nervous system will always be the system that runs AND heals every cell in your body.  This means that your immune system will help you fight and prevent Cancer better, prevent heart disease and more easily maintain a healthy hormonal balance. 

3.      New subluxations (spinal misalignments which cause nerve irritation) can happen every day.  Subluxations are caused by stress, accidents, bad habits, toxins, etc.  Uncorrected misalignments build scar tissue around our joints and nerves within just 7-14 days.   I love knowing that I will never be subluxated more than a few days at a time in my life.  This prevents me from getting shorter as I age, developing arthritis, and other degenerative conditions. 

4.      Subluxations are like static on our nervous system, causing dysfunctions that usually go undetected for months or even years.  Regardless of how we feel we should always know we’re healing great!  I have found that we’re all better people without “static on the lines”.

 So there it is, the reason why I’m a “lifer” and why I’d love to help you be one too 🙂

Here’s to life!  Thanks for sharing yours with us.  ~Dr. Liisa Hall.

Yes, it’s cooler (temperature-wise at least), a little quieter (most days), and definitely harder (yes, definitely harder) but it is soooo magical! 

I hear my own voice before I plunge into the pool each time, coaching myself in; “you’ve got this, yes, you can do this”.  And then, it’s just the cold water and me; my blue lenses creating the most glorious, underwater world full of tiny bubbles, crisp white and blue tiles and again, my thoughts. 

I don’t know if I’m capable of thinking negatively when I’m in the pool.  I know others can, I hear them groan at times or complain about the temperature, their injured knees, hips or backs; but that is not why I’m there.  I’m there for the peace that water offers.  I love pushing myself off the wall and feeling how the water both provides resistance and support as I feel each muscle in my legs let me know where their limits are (and aren’t). 

I wish there was a word for the sound that water makes against a flexing deltoid or tricept.  The only words I have are exuberant, blissful, calming, encouraging… but none of those are sounds 🙂 

We’re made up of water, 70-80% depending on who you’re talking to.  We were created in water.  We even get the privilege of drinking water every day.  Some people tell me they don’t drink water (yes, there are those who don’t, and no, they are not healthy) my heart sinks for them.  Water feels like a balm to me, soothing the most difficult of stresses or challenges; offering cleansing relief for cells to bathe and be refreshed by.

In the pool, I think the water carries voices.  Sometimes it’s my husband screaming “good job, kill it!  You got it”!  Not in a soothing way, but in the way he yells it at the T.V. when the Celtics are playing, or how he used to yell for the Kansas City Chiefs (back when they were worth yelling at)…. ooooh, sorry Zach, that was for you 😉

I love these voices.  They’re always there keeping me focused on all the great things in my life and the amazing things to come.  This time is meditative, humbling and so filled with a peace and understanding of who I AM that they have carried through into everything else I do.  My blue Speedo lenses have made me a better person and I am so grateful for them.  Life is meant to be fulfilling, nourishing, uplifting, and exuberant.  Today, let’s do something that makes us feel all these things. 

Let’s go swimming!



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