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I’m a little flabbergasted by how much misinformation pregnant women need to sort through these days. 

Perhaps I always took pregnancy for granted.  Meaning that, well, if women have been having babies for 2 million years, the body just knows what to do and we get to do our best at staying out of the way. 

I’m learning that although that is absolutely true, most women are so bombarded by anecdotes, brochures, websites, medical recommendations, books and so forth that they end up overwhelmed and not necessarily remembering that their body really does know what it’s doing. 

But you know what?  It does know and it’s absolutely amazing.  I’ve watched myself gain about 18 pounds seemingly effortlessly by eating the same things I always eat… well, plus a few extra servings of bacon and peaches and Daily Harvest’s amazing frozen yogurt 🙂  (sorry to you non-locals, this stuff is amazing!)

My point is that pregnancy is so much fun.  It’s fun to laugh at maternity wear.  Fun to feel little soccer kicks from the inside after a long day (or hard workout).  Fun feeling woozy because you stood up quickly.  Fun realizing that one dinner just doesn’t cut it every day.  Fun and Funny and Rediculous that all this can mean that your body is doing the most amazing things without you even knowing how ANY of it can happen properly. 

Heck, if I was in charge of it all, I’d probably forget to give the poor baby hair or I’d take a break and his nose would end up on the BACK of his head.  You get my point.  AMAZING.

Back to my point about the confusion for a moment…

I recently got a list from my MIDWIFE of drugs that are “SAFE IN PREGNANCY”.  This list covers an entire page and quite frankly is ridiculous.  These drugs are not proven safe in non-pregnant people never mind pregnancy and current research (heck even old research) shows that the placenta is not a barrier but is more of a sieve transporting these drugs straight to the baby where they have been proven to show up (in scalp artery tests done on the baby in utero) within 3 minutes and in doses as large as 30 times what that little body would otherwise be prescribed.


I’m also saddened to see how many pregnant women do not exercise.  Yes, it’s harder.  Yes, your heart will pound.  Yes, you may feel dizzy more easily.  Yes, you’ll need to drink even more water.  What’s the problem?  You’re about to do something that is lovingly referred to as labor.  That means work. 

Sorry if this is part rant, part pep-talk but I just needed to let off a little steam.  Can’t wait to do our Radio Show this Sunday morning at 7:30am where we’ll talk all about these things and more.

Let’s clear up the confusion and rest easy knowing that Nature truly does not need any help… just no INTERFERENCE. 

Today, I’m setting my baby up for a win… in life.




I’m convinced that most people have pain simply because they do not move enough. 

I’ve adjusted a dozen people already this morning who have pain from either sitting in beach chairs, cars, or couches. 

Of course, the number one cause of a lack of movement in stuck joints from trauma, toxins or stress; but I’m assuming you’ve had your joints checked by a Chiropractor and they are CAPABLE of moving.  If you haven’t, my advise is to do so.  It will change your life and you’ll be better for it… and happier.

If you’re getting adjusted but still suffering from aches and pains, I believe that you probably think my next suggestion would aggravate your pain.  You would be wrong. 

If you’re a sitter and you want to prevent back pain or recover from a bout, try this out:  stand up and do 10 lunges.  follow it up with 10 squats (the really deep and low kind in which you’re trying to touch your butt to the floor.  The key with both is keep your back straight and protect your knees by moving your weight DOWN, not out over your knees. 

Still sore?  Do that every day.  Still sore?  Start walking every day.  Still sore?  ask your Chiropractor what exercises to do next. 

The point?  My new answer for all pain questions is MOVE IT. 

Neck pain and discomfort? engage your arms when you’re out walking.  start doing push-ups every day. 

This stuff is easy and actually a lot of fun. 

You CAN do this, and besides,

It’s your life, LOVE it,


So many exciting things have been happening at Hall Family Chiropractic lately and I think I finally felt it all on our Valentine’s Day Patient Appreciation Day! 

We had intended to just love on all our great patients that day and share with them (you) how much you all mean to us… what happened instead is that I simply felt overwhealmed by YOUR love and appreciation!  Thank you soooo sincerely for that, you all are such amazing people and we feel so blessed to be in Danvers where we can call you our family. 

The morning before Valentine’s Day, Andrew and I launched “Dr. You” our very own radio show that is on North Shore FM 104.9.  We’re on every Sunday now at 7:30am.  It is SO MUCH FUN!  If you’re not in the area (or up at 7:30 on Sundays 🙂 no worries, you can listen to the PodCasts at www.northshore1049.c0m.  Just click on PodCasts and select the show “Dr. You” from the list.  They will be available the Tuesday following the Sunday show.   Please give us your feedback too if you want, we’d love to make the show as applicabel to you and your life as possible.

“The Cleanse” will also be starting shortly (Tuesday March 22nd) so the buzz in the office has begun.  I enjoyed watching Oprah recently when over 300 of her staffers went Vegan for a week.  We won’t be vegan on our cleanse (although you may choose to do so, it’s surprisingly do-able); however, many of you will get to experience conscious eating in a new way.  Very fun and very rewarding.  AND, we’ll never starve you or make you take “cleansing supplements”.  Our cleanse is ALL about eating REAL food. 

Stay posted, we have sooooo much in store for you this year!

It’s your life, LOVE it.

Dr.  Liisa.


Millions of Americans are not getting enough sleep.  

Here are the best 10 changes you can make to improve the quality and quantity of sleep you get each night. 

Although the amount of sleep we NEED varies individually, everyone NEEDS QUALITY sleep.  Quality sleep means that your brain waves change and you move through 4-5 periods of REM sleep totaling a minimum of 90-120 minutes.

In the past 4 years, the use of sleep aids such as Lunesta and Ambien by CHILDREN AND TEENS alone has shot up by 85% and a 2010 study of Teens showed that as many as 90% are chronically sleep deprived!

Chemical sleep aids make the brain drowsy enough to sleep; however, they do not improve the QUALITY of your sleep.  Which means that you are not reaching the necessary brain wave patterns achieved in natural sleep and therefore will not benefit from your sleep time.  Side effects include aggression, depression and even suicidal tendencies!

Sleep is a primary tool your body uses for healing.

Fortunately, there are many healthier alternatives.  In the short term, you can use natural sleep aids including Melatonin (available at most health food stores).  For prolonged benefits, begin taking care of your body with regard to the use of the following list of things/foods that interfere with QUALITY (or REM) sleep:

If you haven’t had your spine and nerve system checked by a Chiropractor yet (or recently), start there.  We frequently have patients comment to us that Chiropractic care has made a huge impact on their quality of sleep.  This is primarily because Chiropractic adjustments reduce body stress, as well as nociception (irritating nerve messages due to incorrect spinal alignment and movement). 

Next, take a look at the following list of 10 REM BUSTERS.  How many of these do you do?  Can you cut back and eventually eliminate any or all of them?

1.  Consuming Caffeine after 2pm

2. Drinking Alcohol within 2-4 hours of bed time    

3. Eating heavy meals or Meat within 2-4 hours of bed time

4. Consuming Dairy within 2-4 hours of bed time

5. Consuming Medications regularly.  Many currently used drugs are not necessary for long term use.  Ask your doctor for a plan to reduce and elimnate as many as possible.

6. Lack of daily Exercise.  You can’t sleep well if you haven’t yet burned off the energy you have stored.

7. Daily Worry and Upset.  There is no benefit to worry, stop it.  Focus on what’s great in your life.  Actually, it is that simple, but it does take some practice. 

8. Having an Inconsistenc schedule and general lack of Rhythm in your life.  Go to bed and arise within a 30 min. window each day.  Eat at consistent times, exercise at a particular time etc. 

9. Watching Television within 2-4 hours of bed time.  I once did a TV fast for a whole year and was shocked to find that when I started watching it again, I would replay the commercials when I closed my eyes at night.  I no longer watch commercials or negative movies/broadcasts etc. for that reason. 

10. Using your Computer or Electronics within 2-4 hours of bed time.  Removing any electronics from your bedroom is highly recommended (yes, even if they are off while you are sleeping). 

If the list seems overwhealming, try changing one at a time.  I recommend 30 days at a time for you to get a great determination of how this has been effecting your sleep. 

You can learn a lot from your body by simply making a change, staying consistent and watching what happens in the weeks that follow that change.

Sleep is too important for you to miss out on it. 

You can do this… it’s your life; love it!

Dr. Liisa



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