I’m a little flabbergasted by how much misinformation pregnant women need to sort through these days. 

Perhaps I always took pregnancy for granted.  Meaning that, well, if women have been having babies for 2 million years, the body just knows what to do and we get to do our best at staying out of the way. 

I’m learning that although that is absolutely true, most women are so bombarded by anecdotes, brochures, websites, medical recommendations, books and so forth that they end up overwhelmed and not necessarily remembering that their body really does know what it’s doing. 

But you know what?  It does know and it’s absolutely amazing.  I’ve watched myself gain about 18 pounds seemingly effortlessly by eating the same things I always eat… well, plus a few extra servings of bacon and peaches and Daily Harvest’s amazing frozen yogurt 🙂  (sorry to you non-locals, this stuff is amazing!)

My point is that pregnancy is so much fun.  It’s fun to laugh at maternity wear.  Fun to feel little soccer kicks from the inside after a long day (or hard workout).  Fun feeling woozy because you stood up quickly.  Fun realizing that one dinner just doesn’t cut it every day.  Fun and Funny and Rediculous that all this can mean that your body is doing the most amazing things without you even knowing how ANY of it can happen properly. 

Heck, if I was in charge of it all, I’d probably forget to give the poor baby hair or I’d take a break and his nose would end up on the BACK of his head.  You get my point.  AMAZING.

Back to my point about the confusion for a moment…

I recently got a list from my MIDWIFE of drugs that are “SAFE IN PREGNANCY”.  This list covers an entire page and quite frankly is ridiculous.  These drugs are not proven safe in non-pregnant people never mind pregnancy and current research (heck even old research) shows that the placenta is not a barrier but is more of a sieve transporting these drugs straight to the baby where they have been proven to show up (in scalp artery tests done on the baby in utero) within 3 minutes and in doses as large as 30 times what that little body would otherwise be prescribed.


I’m also saddened to see how many pregnant women do not exercise.  Yes, it’s harder.  Yes, your heart will pound.  Yes, you may feel dizzy more easily.  Yes, you’ll need to drink even more water.  What’s the problem?  You’re about to do something that is lovingly referred to as labor.  That means work. 

Sorry if this is part rant, part pep-talk but I just needed to let off a little steam.  Can’t wait to do our Radio Show this Sunday morning at 7:30am where we’ll talk all about these things and more.

Let’s clear up the confusion and rest easy knowing that Nature truly does not need any help… just no INTERFERENCE. 

Today, I’m setting my baby up for a win… in life.