I love tackling a new project; so, recently, when I found out I was pregnant, I think my ‘project brain’ went into overdrive.  Very fortunately for pregnancy hormones, many of my project ‘brain-storming sessions’ happened from the couch and I was not able to drive myself into a tizzy 🙂

There are just so many exciting new adventures that arrive with that double pink line!  Baby names; new furniture to purchase, arrange… and rearrange; finding the perfect midwife, doula, and birth center; determining new health goals and challenges, modifying a few, adding a few more; tweaking my nutritional goals and standards; reassessing how green our home really is and how it both impacts my health and the health of our developing baby – before and after his arrival.  (I think it’s a boy 🙂

Being organized is a wonderful way to live.  I think I always have been but ‘project baby’ is giving me great reason to both laugh at myself and to congratulate myself on creating a life that is so balanced and in many ways very simple that adding a newbie to it feels wonderful more often than it does overwhelming.  I thank my husband for that too; marrying a Virgo (when you are a Virgo) can either be incredible or disastrous.  Lucky for us, it’s absolutely incredible.  We have found our niche in this world and are loving the opportunity we have at home to share our gifts, joys, talents, and silliness with someone new just as much as we have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, sharing greater health, wellbeing and balance with our patients in our Chiropractic practice these past 5 years.  This blog will be a fun place for me to share our lives with you.  Thanks for visiting today!

It’s your life, love it!