Do you KEEP the promises you make with yourself?

This has been on my mind lately for a number of reasons.  We just started our Spring Cleanse in our office which means that around 20 of us are taking this next month to consciously look at the things we eat and drink on a daily basis and we have chosen to not eat any simple sugars, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, dairy or meat. 

Every time we do this, inevitably, some of us find it MUCH easier than others.  There are a lot of reasons for this but today I want to look at the impact our word has on our results. 

I believe that every time we say we will do something we are making a promise. 

Breaking a spoken promise with a friend can hurt your relationship; but, I bring this up because the effects of breaking the silent promises we make with ourselves can cause us sadness, irritability, anger, fear, depression and the need to want to numb oneself.

I see this frequently.  It comes out in new patient exam histories, patient consultations, conversations with friends, and yes, at our cleanse meetings. 

My dad is one of those people who when he says he will do something he just does it.  End of story.  Usually, as soon as the agreement or decision is made, he sets himself to doing it and WILL NOT STOP until it has been done.  This ethic oozes from him constantly and it’s impossible to not see the benefits of it.   I honestly can’t remember if I’ve ever heard him say “I can’t do that” once he has decided he could or would do something.  EVER. 

That brings me back to our cleanse.  I hear it often with our cleanse members…  I can’t give up my soda, I can’t cut out ALL of my coffee, I don’t think I can go a whole week without eating meat, I can’t stop eating wheat, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.  Really?  Why not? 

How is it possible that your faith in yourself is so diminished?  I believe it is because you simply haven’t noticed often enough how many amazing things you CAN do.  Every time we keep a promise to ourselves, we build a foundation of TRUST with ourselves.  You keep a promise with a friend, the relationship grows; you keep one with yourself, and your esteem grows.  The more promises you keep, the greater your esteem. 

So today I want to challenge you to make and keep a promise with yourself.  Say you’re going to the gym and then actually GO; say that you’ll have a big salad for lunch and then actually EAT A SALAD; say that you’ll stop for a minute and breathe just for the sake that you’re worth the few extra moments of silence and then JUST BREATHE; tell someone you’ll call them back and then ACTUALLY CALL THEM BACK.

These are simple things but they’re also powerful messages that you get to tell yourself.  Make more conscious promises with yourself and then consciously keep them.  Start small but do this every day. 

You’ll be grateful you did… I promise.

It’s your life, LOVE it,

Dr. Liisa Hall