I almost burst into tears while adjusting yesterday but I was in too much shock to cry. 

I know that people live very differently than Andrew and I do; we all have different values and focuses in our lives, but this one struck a nerve because it had to do with a value that I believe we all need to have. 

This one’s all about FOOD.  So here’s what happened:  A patient told me that she goes grocery shopping only once a month.  ONCE a month!  I’m not being dramatic; my mouth dropped open, shock set in and I was literally speechless.  Think about that with me.  What lasts a month?  Nothing.  Well, nothing that is alive; nothing that has enzymes; nothing that has a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, or phyto-nutrients.  Nothing lasts a month.  She doesn’t eat out… so what is she eating?

Here’s the deal.  I stop by a market or grocery store at least 3 times a week.  No, I have no more time than you, I just know how to get what I need and get out in 5-15 minutes, longer when I have the time and quite frankly, I enjoy taking the time to feel and smell the fruits and vegetables I buy.  I can’t really imagine being home without the option of grabbing and snacking on any one of 5-10 fruits or vegetables.  Even right now, I have on my counter some plums, granny smith apples, bananas, tomatoes, and limes.  My fridge has carrots, onions, lettuce, zucchini, summer squash, sweet potatoes, and celery and I feel like we’re hardly stocked! 

We throw out little to no food each week.  We eat a lot, probably 5-7 times a day, not because we should but just because it makes sense to us.  We expend energy all day long, our nerve systems release and uptake neuro-chemicals all day long (just like yours do) and we know that life depletes our energy so we exercise to stimulate our brains to create more energy that fuels our cells and helps them to continue repairing even more than they are breaking down.  After these workouts, we eat even more.  We know that without eating living food, we die. 

So when this lady said that she grocery shops on a monthly basis, I immediately saw the freezer full of TV dinners, the bags of snack foods, cans of who knows what and boxes of cereal.  Essentially, I saw sugar covered sugar with added salt and unhealthy fats.  She deserve better than this.  Much better.  So do you. 

I want to inspire you to change if this sounds familiar.  So please take a trip by your local market or grocery store today and buy an orange, apple, pineapple (whatever you want) and while you peel it, smell it, enjoy the life within it, revel in the fact that this amazing fruit will give you life, can help your nerve system start firing better, digesting better, thinking better.  Food is love. 

Love yourself by feeding yourself well,

Dr. Liisa Hall

 Aaaaahhhhh, I feel soooo much better.  Thanks.