Maybe you’ve heard of it.  Okay, you haven’t heard of it because I just made it up 🙂 but I know that like everyone else, you definitely do not like it and probably avoid it at all costs.  BUT understanding it has been a key that has helped me stay “on the wagon” with my health goals, and prevented many of my old tantrums (both mature and immature) 🙂

‘The rub’ is that feeling you have when you unconsciously recognize that there is a difference between where you ARE in your life (with respect to your physical health, energy levels, financial health, education, family etc.) and where you really WANT to be.

I told you, it doesn’t feel good, but in and of itself, ‘the rub’ is not a bad thing.  It’s the fuel we use to propel ourselves toward our dreams, goals and desires.  The problem is the unconscious part of ‘the rub’.  So what’s the solution? 

First, before you’re even in ‘the rub’, determine 3 helpful ‘chill-out’ strategies. Some of my favorites include: breathing deeply, writing, exercising, cooking, reading, calling a friend, meditating, and yoga or stretching.  These are up to you to decide on.  Have fun creating a list to refer to when you’re too stressed out to be able to decide what to do.

You’ll know when you need it; you’ll be defaulting to your old unconscious strategies like reaching for the junk food or coffee, picking a fight with a friend or co-worker, or yelling at a stranger from your car!  Uhhhh, just examples of course 😉

Second, acknowledge that you’re frustrated, sad, upset, angry, whatever you’re feeling. 

Third, give yourself some credit.  You’re only feeling anxious because you have higher standards for yourself.  This is a great thing and doesn’t need to feel so bad.  No, you’re not perfect and you can get better.  I bet you’re better now than you used to be.  So let’s keep going….

Now, do something from your de-stressing list.  Choose the one that feels best in the moment you feel ‘the rub’.  From here, your next step will become clearer. 

Life is not meant to be struggled through.  Enjoy it.  I promise it will get a lot better by simply having a plan in place when you’re about to throw in the towel on your calm demeanor. 

It’s your life; love it,