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Even worse, it was to a patient.  I told them that I have never had a case that failed in my practice and it honestly wasn’t until much later that day that I realized that I had been wrong, very wrong.

You might think, “Well, of course that’s a lie, you can’t help EVERYBODY”.  But when I made my statement, I truly believed myself that no, we have never had a case that failed.  But the truth is that MOST of the cases I’ve seen in the five years of our practice have failed… except for the one’s who have stayed. 

We have met approximately 20 new patients on average each month for the past 5 years.  This means we have met and checked the spines and nerve systems of approximately 1200 people in our town.  Our practice currently has 200 active patients, of whom we are very proud of and love each and every one of them. 

BUT, you can see without difficulty that there have been around 1000 people who have not continued to take care of their spine and nerve system with us.  Maybe they started care and then stopped; some of them never got adjusted in the first place and therefore didn’t get to enjoy the benefits of a healthier body. 

To me, THAT was complete and utter failure in each and every one of those lost cases. 

So today, I’m getting real with myself.  I’m doing a “gut-check” and studying the files of people with whom I have met and NOT helped, so that I may be better able to help the next ones who show up trusting that we are THEIR doctors, health coaches, and the biggest cheering squad they may ever have. 

I LOVE what I do; being a Chiropractor is what I was born to be.  But today I will accept the bad with the good and remind myself that although Chiropractic never fails to help a body heal and get well, I do.  Because of this lie, tomorrow, I will fail less.

It’s you life; love it,

Liisa Hall, DC




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