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Did you know that your health can be largely determined by looking at the average health of the people you spend the most time with?

Think about the people you spend the most time with.  What do they eat?  When do they eat?  How often do they sweat?  Do they drink enough water? Do they go to church or have a supportive social group? What does their skin look like?  How is their eye contact?  What about their handshake?  It makes sense doesn’t it?  I’m willing to bet that you’re a lot like them.  Is that a good thing?  That’s up to you.

No, you can’t tell everything about someone based on one or two of these factors but believe it or not, they are all indicators of health. 

My husband’s and my Chiropractic practice has become known for being a place for new friends to meet and old friends to meet up.  I LOVE THAT!  It means that there is a movement toward living better quality (and quantity) lives and we get to participate in it every day.  This is because Chiropractic is the world’s largest natural health and healing profession.  Our practice is not really about low back pain at all.  But that’s another blog…

For now, look at the health standard you are living at today.  How would you grade yourself physically, socially, mentally, financially, emotionally, and vocationally?  If you are happy, be proud of yourself and invite someone new to your social group to help them out too  If you’re needing to stretch, consider trying Chiropractic and join a healthy group like ours, or add a new healthy habit that suits you.

We live in a time and society in which we can spend an entire day sitting in front of our computers and think we’ve been active and socializing all day.  The truth is, we bond and grow and learn best by actually being in the company of others and participating in some form of activity. 

Am I really about to suggest that you join a bowling league?  After all those years I laughed at my mom’s love of her bowling team, I finally think I’ve realized what she knew all along; we need to play, laugh, and move together.  So if it’s bowling for you, great!  If it’s joining a CrossFit club, great!  Maybe it’s walking with a few friends, running an organized 5K, joining a pick-up game of basketball at a local club, or even a Zumba or Yoga class, no worries, BUT my only warning is… MAKE SURE IT’S SOMETHING YOU ENJOY. 

After all, it’s your life, LOVE it 🙂

Dr. Liisa Hall


I LOVE the 2 times each year in which my husband, Andrew, and I participate in a 30 day health Cleanse.  No, it is not a fast, which means we never feel hungry or unsatisfied food-wise; it means we get to look very closely at what we put into our mouths each day (or each hour of the day) and we consciously decide what constitutes food and what is just filler. 

I’ve probably done this particular cleanse a dozen times and have found that EVERY time I participate, I do something exciting that I’ve never done before and I end up growing not only in physical health but spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and even socially. 

Who knew that by cutting out a little sugar, caffeine, alcohol and a few others would be so liberating?!

The first response I get from people about the cleanse is either “Wow, how can I participate in this?” or “Oh no, I could NEVER give up my coffee!”  Perhaps this is why psychologists often divide the world into Doers and Don’ters. 

Regardless, I think everyone CAN do a cleanse like this because its only 30 days, 4 weeks, no biggie, AND you get to experience better energy, lose unhealthy weight, and refire your nervous system which means you get some focus and rational thought points back.  (Don’t we all need this these days? 🙂 )

We are 3 weeks into this Fall’s Cleanse and already I’ve been sleeping better, have more energy, feel more positive about the world and my place on it, and you know what?  I ran my first 5K last Sunday!  I have to say my first because it was so much fun that I know there will be more!

Look at the health standard you are living at today; if you are happy, be proud of yourself and invite someone new to your social group so you can help them out too, if you’re needing to stretch, consider trying Chiropractic, joining a cleanse group like ours, or add a new healthy habit that suits you.

After all, it’s your live, LOVE it!

Dr. Liisa Hall.       ~ for the well adjusted life!

I can’t claim to have invented this gem but I know it will be changing healthy Moms’ kitchen status all over America! 

A friend’s Aunt made this for our Canadian Thanksgiving celebration last week and she was wonderful enough to write it out for me.  Thanks Denise!

Chocolate Mousse:

4 ripe Avocados, 1 cup Cocoa, 1/2 cup Maple syrup, 2 Tbsp. Virgin Coconut Oil, 2 Tsp. Balsamic Vinegar, 1 Tsp. Soy Sauce, 2 Tsp. Vanilla.

Blend everything up in a food processor and serve.

I promise even your Avocado-haters will LOVE this.

Enjoy 🙂

Dr. Liisa

Many of us in Chiropractic refer to ourselves as “lifers”.  What we mean by this is that we will be under regular Chiropractic care for life.  To us, a life without Chiropractic care simply Is Not an Option. 

The day I fully realized that was the day I realized that I absolutely Had to be a Chiropractor.

That was probably 8-10 years into my Chiropractic care.  Saying that reminds me that for some of you, you aren’t sure yet if you are a lifer and I can understand that.

Actually, you probably are a “lifer” at many other things.  For example, for the rest of your life, I bet you’ll be brushing your teeth, eating vegetables, exercising regularly, drinking water, getting haircuts (or shaving your head like Dr. Andrew), etc. 

Why are you a “Lifer” at those?  Because you see the obvious value in them.  I want you to give me or any other Chiropractor the chance to help you see the value in regular Chiropractic adjustments.

Why?  Because your health and well-being influences everyone around you.

Here’s what Chiropractic can do for you: 

1.        Having a healthy spine and nerve system means being able to enjoy your life more fully.

2.      Your nervous system will always be the system that runs AND heals every cell in your body.  This means that your immune system will help you fight and prevent Cancer better, prevent heart disease and more easily maintain a healthy hormonal balance. 

3.      New subluxations (spinal misalignments which cause nerve irritation) can happen every day.  Subluxations are caused by stress, accidents, bad habits, toxins, etc.  Uncorrected misalignments build scar tissue around our joints and nerves within just 7-14 days.   I love knowing that I will never be subluxated more than a few days at a time in my life.  This prevents me from getting shorter as I age, developing arthritis, and other degenerative conditions. 

4.      Subluxations are like static on our nervous system, causing dysfunctions that usually go undetected for months or even years.  Regardless of how we feel we should always know we’re healing great!  I have found that we’re all better people without “static on the lines”.

 So there it is, the reason why I’m a “lifer” and why I’d love to help you be one too 🙂

Here’s to life!  Thanks for sharing yours with us.  ~Dr. Liisa Hall.



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